You've Got to Hide Your Cord Away

You've Got to Hide Your Cord Away

Jason Loper
Jun 2, 2011

I'm finally starting to style up my plumbing pipe shelving unit, adding things here and there as I get them. One day I put this black lamp, which we already owned, on the shelf for temporary lighting. When I stepped back from the shelves, I decided I liked the look of the lamp. I did not, however, like the look of the cord hanging down the back of the shelves.

Part of the charm of the open shelving is being able to see the blue wall behind it. The long black cord of the lamp running down the wall was totally ruining that effect. Now, if I had known I was going to put this lamp on the shelves, I could have run the cord through the plumbing pipes as I put them together. Since I didn't do that, I had to settle for the next best thing: a plastic cord hider.

I picked up this 5 foot long cord hider in the electrical department of my hardware store. It's basically a plastic tube with an opening on one side (for inserting the cord) and super-duper sticky tape on the back (more on that later). Before I did anything, I painted the raceway (how fab that it's called a raceway!) with the same paint I used on the walls.

Once the paint had dried, I cut the raceway to the desired length and then positioned it in place on the wall. I then inserted the cord into the hider before peeling the tape off the back of it. And this is where I should have paused to think about what I was doing. I peeled all of the tape off the back of the raceway when I should have peeled it off in sections. With all of the tape exposed, I ended up applying the cord hider to the wall in a crooked pattern that was especially apparent behind the vertical lines of the pipe shelving. D'oh! Peeling the raceway back off the wall so that I could fix it was a trial, which is how I know this is super-duper sticky tape!

After I finally got the cord hider straightened out, I went back and touched up paint that had gotten chipped off during installation. The look is still not as seamless as I would like but it's definitely better than having a thick, black cord trailing down the back of the shelving unit.

If I stand directly in front of the shelves the cord hider itself is hidden by the vertical line of the plumbing pipe. (Mental note: make guests stand in this very spot to admire the shelving unit!)

Images: Jason Loper

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