10 Zen Approaches to Curing Your Home

10 Zen Approaches to Curing Your Home

Sarah Coffey
Nov 4, 2010

If you've been participating in the 20/20 Home Cure or you're doing a similar decluttering/organizing/cleaning project on your own, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed. At times like these, Zen Habits is one of the sites I like to check. It's a minimal page with very few photos and mostly text, where you'll find pressure-free advice like "the best goal is no goal."

They've also posted quite a few articles on decluttering, living simply, and becoming a minimalist. Many of these apply directly to the home and have Zen-like strategies similar to those you'll find in the Cure. They can be a little formulaic at times but, hey, so can I! Here are links to 10 articles for anyone struggling (like me) with the quest to break free from all-consuming materialism:

  1. Traveling Lightly Through Life: A minimalist's tips on finding freedom by cutting ties with objects.
  2. The Wastefulness of Decluttering; or How to Make Less Count for More: Helpful tips for silencing that nagging voice that says, I paid good money for that, so I'd better keep it around.
  3. 9 Quick Tips to Identify Clutter: Questions to ask yourself when you're considering what to throw out and what to keep.
  4. How to Simplify When You Love Your Stuff: Ideas for bringing a sense of mindfulness to materialism.
  5. Cutting the Cord To Materialism: An argument that minimalists have more fun.
  6. How I Became (Mostly) Google-Free in One Day: A guide to fasting from the tech super-giant.
  7. How to Want Very Little: Strategies for dealing with desire.
  8. The Clean-Slate Guide to Simplicity: Paring down your email, books, computer, and closet.
  9. The Little Book of Procrastination Remedies: In case you're having trouble getting around to doing your chores...
  10. Life's Missing White Space: Ways to create clarity, peace, and breathing room.

Photo: Stephen Ellwood | Stephen & Todd's Fantastic Mr. Farmhouse | Apartment Therapy

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