Zeo: The Personal Sleep Coach

Zeo: The Personal Sleep Coach

Range Govindan
Jun 17, 2009

If you've ever suffered from insomnia, you know how debilitating it can be to spend a night tossing and turning in your bed. You go to bed tired and you wake up tired. Zeo has thought of a way of helping all of you insomniacs get some rest without hitting the pills. Zeo will apparently help you sleep by giving you advice thanks to personal coaches, whom you'll be in constant contact via email.

The Zeo Personal Sleep Coach consists of a headband, an alarm clock with a bedside display, and personal coaching sessions. All of these things are designed to help clients sleep better. The headband measures brainwave activity, kind of like an EKG, and sends the data to the display. The display saves it to an SD card so you can upload the information to your Zeo account. Once there, you can analyze your sleeping patters and you'll be given tips on how to sleep better.

Apparently, the WSJ's Melinda Beck tested the unit and mentioned that there was also a scoring system called ZQ. It's a measurement of how well you sleep. It sounds stupid, but it's supposed to help you to sleep better by giving you a numeric goal to improve. The Zeo system is quite expensive. It costs about $400. This includes a 6-month subscription for Zeo. You'll have to pay an extra $100 for each additional six months period. Sounds a bit ludicrous, but it should be something useful for people who have trouble sleeping the night through. We actually think that it's better to invest this money in relaxation classes or something more worthwhile than a gizmo like this. [via Technabob]

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