Zeolite: Nature’s deodorizer

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Combine warm summer days with a busy cat litter box, and you’ve got a recipe for Stinksville. Even with odour controlling litters, baking soda mixtures, and other odour masking solutions cat owners have to sometime just deal with the unwelcome “bouquet” of Whisker’s last bathroom visit.

Zeolite to the rescue!

Zeolite is a porous volcanic mineral that absorb moisture and gas at about 65% of its own weight. We bought a combo bag set (one large bag and smaller one for the closet) from the Container Store a few months ago, and it’s noticeably reduced litter box odour at least 75%, and still working its magic. And the best thing is zeolite’s effectiveness can be renewed by simply exposing it to sunlight for a few hours every six months. Great for your own bathroom, closet, and fridge too.

We find it ironic that the earth’s past eruption helps control our cats’ present-day eruptions. Yay nature!