Super-Difficult Zero-Gravity Pac Man

Super-Difficult Zero-Gravity Pac Man

Taryn Williford
Mar 31, 2009

So we can try to redecorate our offices and shift things around for ourselves, but one thing is for sure: Up will always be up and down will stay down. Even in Space (Invaders), we're used to the missiles shooting from a gun at the bottom and the aliens staying in neat rows at the top. If you crave a little more chaos than this world will allow you, take a second to play Zero-Gravity Pac Man.

If you consider yourself a Pac Man hobbyist like myself, then you have a strategy for getting through those rainbow-ghost-haunted, power-pill-packed levels. Well, throw all that strategy out the window. The walls, ghosts and dots all move around the playing field with reckless abandon.

You should still go after the power pills, though. Even though they don't make the ghosts munch-able, they'll turn gravity back on for a few seconds and pull everything on the board in the direction of a big red gravity arrow.

If you wanna give this ultra-hard, stylized version of the arcade classic a try, you can download it here.

[ Via Technabob ]

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