Zibits Remote-Controlled Robots

Are you ready to rumble? You will be once you get your hands on one of these adorable Zibits remote-controlled robots. Perfect for a stocking stuffer, these guys are all set to battle each other. With your mini remote in hand, you can live vicariously through their adventures.

Zibits come in twelve different flavors, and at $9.99 a pop you can afford to get a few to face off against one another. Their movements are simple–forward motion as well as a 360° turn– but sufficient to take on any aggressor. And if you aren’t into battling, then you can just drive them around to your heart’s delight.

Cutest of all, each “Bit” has its own personality and story. Dinc is the clumsy day dreamer; Scrapz the mechanic is “tiny and tough”; Alpha 7 is the brave leader who is “determined to make his GrandBits proud.”

Read about each Bit’s life story at Senario’s site; available for purchase at Toys R Us.