ZillionTV Plans to Stream TV to your... TV

ZillionTV Plans to Stream TV to your... TV

Sonia Zjawinski
Mar 13, 2009

We've said it before and we'll say it again and again and again, "Dump your cable!" Cable TV is a total rip off, and now that you can watch shows for free via Hulu.com and TVcorn.com or pay a nominal fee to download via iTunes. Why anyone would sign up for cable baffles us. Later this year ZillionTV launches, which will offer even more shows and movies that you can check out for free with a few ads sprinkled in. The best part is that you can watch shows and movies via the web directly on your boob tube without having to plug in your computer...

After you connect the ZillionTV adapter to your TV set and your home network you'll have access to the program via your television. From there you can select what you want to watch and how. By allowing ads during your show/movie you can watch for free. If you don't want ads you can either rent or buy the show/movie.

ZillionTV is getting its programs from the big boys like Disney, NBC, Universal, Sony Pictures Television, and Warner Bros. Rather than looking through a program schedule, as you do now with cable, you'll access a page that splits content up by various categories, genres and titles. "Selecting the type of show will zoom in to the next level of thumbnails that could, for example, represent a genre; selecting that will take one to a series of program producers, and then to a grouping of episodes, each with its own cover art and descriptive text," explains Eric Taub of Gadgetwise. The crazy thing is that you do all this with a motion-sensing remote like the Wii controller. You can zoom in and out of info about your show by swinging the remote to and fro.

ZillionTV plans to launch in 2009. It hopes to have 15,000 titles available on launch. We're excited about it. It's about time content producers really rethought the way we watch TV.

photos: ZillionTV

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