Zip Up Earphones: No More Messy Wires

Zip Up Earphones: No More Messy Wires

Range Govindan
Apr 22, 2009

We all have this problem. The wires of our earphones connected to our iPods or MP3 players always get all tangled up. There is no way to get around this, unless you take your earphones off and put them in the nice little zipper pouch that came with them. Even then, they end up all twirled around. That's why I thought that this concept actually might help out a lot of people with their wire problems.

What's really cool is that these earphones can actually be zipped up together, making it impossible to have them all tangled up. It's an ingenious solution to an age old problem that almost everyone has. On top of that, the design is pretty cool. The zipper actually has some additional controls. It features a volume control and a hold button, perfectly disguised. These earphones are designed by Ji Wong.

It's a great idea, well thought out and really nicely executed. I think that these really need to be made to help out with the messy wire situation that most of us have going on in our pockets. With longer and sturdier earphones, I found a way to actually keep them in order. Shure earphones are perfect for this technique. You just roll them around the iPod, and then your problem is solved. It really works well with earphones with thicker wires. Otherwise, you just end up with tangled earphones. [via Yanko Design]

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