Zipper lamps.jpgZipper is a great little store with a lot of cool gift and accessory ideas, as well as having some pretty nice vintage furniture strewn about. Although much here is not unique, the store does have a lot to see.
Zipper takes pride in “melding the old with the new, art with commerce and humor with beauty and elegance.”

zipper bowl.jpgWe found that to be true. These Mathmos Aduki Lamps are rechargeable and go for $60. We also dig John Scott’s White Bowl, with its torn edges ($140).

A pair of cool tortoise glass tumblers ($21) would be a great gift and Zipper does kids well, too. This little red piano ($63) is pretty darn cute, no?

Citysearch says, “Playful yet functional is the mantra for owners Steven Saden and Elizabeth Cashous, which makes one great shopping experience for urban dwellers.”

Zipper has stores in both LA and Brooklyn, and there is a website that is actually user friendly.

First posted on 9/12/05