Zitomer Z Spot: Decadent Pet Accessories

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Pet supplies for Melania Trump. If you were a high end Upper East Side shop with cosmetics and candles and toys for children, wouldn’t it make sense that you would provide for pets too? Zitomer Pharmacy is no longer just that, but also features Zitomer Z Spot for pets….. MGR (ps. their Z Spot web site isn’t working right now…)

Marie says: Z Spot is for totally high end and decadent pet accessories. Lots of Fifi & Romeo and other designers. Breed specific decor for your special friend!

NYMag says: On top of toys, clothing, grooming aids, and novelty items, this shop has swank accessories for the coddled canine, including our favorite dog carriers and hand-knit sweaters.

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