Zoning Off the Home Office From the Home Entertainment

Zoning Off the Home Office From the Home Entertainment

Gregory Han
May 22, 2009

There was this great post over at Apartment Therapy DC about using bookshelves as partitions to create "zones" within an open space. This is especially a great idea for those of us who have to work right besides where our roommate(s) may be watching TV. Something as simple as using a large bookshelf allows both parties to do their work with privacy and also likely optimizes lighting management, important whether you're on an LCD computer screen or watch an HDTV monitor...

"... unless you're blessed with soaring ceilings and fabulous architecture (and even then...), this rarely produces the airy, elegant effect we set out to accomplish. For the average low-ceiling-ed boxy apartment, character comes in knowing how to delineate the space into separate zones. Enter the bookshelf...Adam, one of our participants in the Spring Cure, and mastermind behind the simple but genius living room solution pictured above, reminded us of the transformative power of the bookshelf."

The idea of using large bookshelves in or near the home office as a screen also offers additional storage for devices like wi-fi routers, printers (hopefully a wireless model) and the myriad of other USB accessories we have lying around our laptop setups. Perhaps mounting a roll-down blind on one side could further control light spillage. Check out the complete post over at Apartment Therapy DC to see which shelves they recommend...

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