Shower with a Pink T-Rex and Look Forward to Your Mornings Forever

published Nov 25, 2018
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(Image credit: Zooheads)

Mornings can be a drag. Unless you privy yourself an early bird, having to peel yourself out of bed just to jump in the shower and rush out the door doesn’t sound like a very good time. But we’ve discovered a fun way to liven up your morning routine and—more specifically—your a.m. shower. Add this to your gift list immediately.

Zooheads are super cute animal-shaped shower heads that will make your morning shower feel more like playtime than a monotonous chore.

Made in Brooklyn, New York, using 3D printing and eco-friendly materials (including PLA, a nontoxic, biodegradable plastic derived from corn, potato, and tapioca), these adorable shower heads are designed to fit any standard US half-inch pipe or shower fixture. Simply remove your current showerhead and twist on the Zoohead and voila: Your shower is suddenly a whole lot more entertaining. Plus, 10 percent of sales go to the World Wildlife Fund, according to Zoohead’s Instagram account.

Zooheads come in an array of lively styles and colors (20 to be exact), ranging from a hot pink T. Rex to a lime green unicorn, as well as lions, and sharks, and elephants (and more)—oh my!

Here’s a gallery of some of our favorites:

And in the event that none of their vibrant options tickle your fancy, Zooheads will make you a custom showerhead if you email their sales team. Translation: You can design your very own unique showerhead, shaped like any creature you can dream of—Flemish Giants, anyone?—all you have to do is ask!

Still not sold on the idea of showering with wildlife in the a.m.? Don’t forget these colorful cuties make great gifts for kids and co-workers alike (especially if there’s an animal to match their team’s mascot). Considering they’re priced starting at 29 bucks a pop, they’ll also make an awesome stocking stuffer, too.

And since Zooheads are also available for purchase via Amazon, you can score your own mythical showerhead all for yourself with the ease of one-click-ordering. (BRB, buying a bright yellow dolphin one with an Amazon credit RN.)