Zwilling’s Sale Includes Their Classic Chef’s Knife, Plus More Favorites for Fall Cooking

updated Sep 3, 2020
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Credit: Joe Lingeman/Kitchn

Fun fact: A high-quality knife is the single most important tool you can have in your kitchen. It makes everyday jobs like chopping, dicing, and slicing a whole lot easier and saves you precious meal-prep time. And with fall around the corner, the correct knife can also help you easily slice through tough pumpkins and squashes for making seasonal favorites like casseroles and soups. If you’re looking to invest in a new knife, you’re in luck: Zwilling is hosting a huge sale of up to 70% off their iconic knives, including their classic 8-inch chef’s knife as well as Kitchn Lifestyle Director Lisa’s favorite everyday knife. Check out some of our top picks below, and be sure to browse the rest of the sale!

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was $113.00

Zwilling's 8-inch chef's knives are the stuff of legend and beloved by our editors. This particular beauty can slice through everything from meat to tough vegetables thanks to the extra-sharp, precision-honed blade, which is crafted from an ice-hardening process that makes it sturdy, sharp, and corrosion resistant. The three-riveted handle ensures maximum stability, comfort, and safety while using it.

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was $176.00

Love waking up to the smell of freshly baked bread on crisp fall mornings? Then you'll need a good knife to create perfect slices. This 9-inch blade, forged from a special-formula high carbon steel that doesn't rust or stain, gives you plenty of width to slice through crusty loaves or soft bread, and the sharp, serrated metal prevents excessive crumbs.

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was $150.00

If you're looking to create extra-thin slices of meat, seafood, cheese, fruit, or veggies, try this super-sharp Santoku knife. It lets you slice in a single downward cut, with the hollow edges giving you a natural rocking motion as you work. Another pro? The extra-wide blade is useful for scooping ingredients off your cutting board and into a pan.

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was $714.00

This knife block has earned a permanent spot on our gear pro Sharon's kitchen counter, thanks to its versatility and durability. The block has a built-in sharpener that keeps knives razor sharp, and the set includes a wide range of blade sizes and options for everyday cooking. Given the steep discount, this is one of the best deals you'll find.

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was $138.00

Think you don't need a smaller prep knife in your tool kit? Our Lifestyle Director, Lisa, begs to differ: "I really do prefer this smaller prep knife over a larger chef’s knife," she says. "It just makes me feel like I have more control over the blade, which is nice when I’m making smaller cuts or dealing with small jobs." A lot smaller than the 8-inch chef's knife and a tad bigger than the 4-inch paring knife, the 5.5-inch is a good in-between for tasks like slicing strawberries, mincing garlic, and cutting smaller veggies.

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was $82.50

Sure, chef's knives are essential, but when it comes to more intricate jobs like deveining shrimp, peeling fruit, or cutting herbs, you'll want a tiny paring knife. This 4-inch blade is designed to give you complete control and an ideal cutting angle for extra sharpness, while the high-quality materials used to create it ensure durability.