10 Online Sources for Original Artwork

Once you start setting up a new home, chances are good you'll discover lots of pesky empty wall space that needs filling. I love browsing galleries for original art, but I admit that extra step of contacting them for availability and prices often stops me in my tracks (as do the price tags themselves). I love sites that give it to me straight.

We've done lists of online art resources before, but it's never too soon for another round up. The following ten websites fall somewhere between sites that sell affordable prints, and galleries with artwork that lists in the thousands. If you're just starting a collection, this is a great place to start.

1. Etsy: Look for both new and vintage works are here. It's a bit daunting at first, but once you start working your way through listings, there's no doubt you'll find something you like and can afford. Don't forget to mark your favorites for later. Shown above: Planes by Julie Bonafay, $40.

2. Artstream: Online shop for the Artstream gallery, featuring a small selection of works from emerging and established artists.

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Ice Shelf by Amy Ruppel, $225

3. UGallery: Emerging and mid-career artists apply to be a part of this online gallery. You can try out artwork for a week to see if you like it.

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Boston Leap by Leslie Morgan, $400

4. Zatista: A site that wants buying art to be easy. There are multiple ways to search their extensive selection.

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The View by Lesley Spanos, $125

5. Buy Some Damn Art: Started by Art Hound blogger Kate Singleton. Each Tuesday she introduces a new selection of exclusive pieces from up-and-coming artists.

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The Fuss by Jenn Smith, $350

6. Lumas: Hand-signed limited edition photographs, with a special section for young artists new to the art scene.

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Untitled I by Matthias Heiderich, $530

7. Sebastian Foster: Sebastian Foster offers contemporary art from his Austin-based gallery. He also runs Poster Cabaret.

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Stan and Clive by Elizabeth Bauman, $250

8. The Beholder: Connects collectors with artists via the power of the internet. Work from 70 artists is searchable by price and size.

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Day Seventeen by Kristine Rolke Smith, $650

9. Lost Art Salon: A fine art collection of over 7,000 works from the 20th Century. Most paintings are priced under $1,000 and most likely come framed.

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Canyon d Chelly II by Rob Delamater, $585

10. eBay: This is another wader site, which will take time out of your busy day. But you can find great undervalued stuff, and often times it will already be framed.

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Our Town by James Richter, $695 or best offer

(Images: As credited above)

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