Record Album Storage: 10 Solutions

Record Album Storage: 10 Solutions

Jason Loper
Jan 7, 2015
There's something so charming about listening to music on vinyl. The hisses and pops, the occasional skips and the giant sized artwork — there's a lot to love about records. But as vinyl collections grow (again!), storing all those records can be a challenge. We've rounded up 10 solutions for your collection, from furniture consoles to storage boxes.

EXPEDIT Shelving Unit from IKEA As flickr user bricolagelife says, "If they didn't design the expedit specifically for storing albums, I don't know what they were thinking - its perfect!" $69.99

Enameled QBO Steel Cube Locker from The Container Store The middle shelf can be removed to create colorful cubes that are perfectly sized for albums. $392

Draper Media Console from Urban Outfitters Appropriately named for its Mad Men mid-century styling, this console creates a place for the records and player. $249

Speedy Modular Storage from CB2 Designed by Jannis Ellenberger, these storage units can be used individually or stacked, depending on the size of your collection. $79.95

Record Cabinet from Atocha Designs For the serious collector with deeper pockets, this option will accomodate a large collection. The configuration shown here includes 6 LP and 4 CD drawers. $5,900 as shown.

Supreme Crate from The Container Store There may be nothing more classic that records stored in crates. $12.99 each

Ultimate LP Storage Box from Sleeve City Need to stash your record collection in a closet or storage space? These boxes will keep youf collection organized and safe. (Just make sure that wherever you're storing your records is cool and dry.) $8.99

Record Album Storage Box from The Container Store Ideal for small collections, each box will fit 45 LPs. $16.99

PRÄNT BOx with Lid from IKEA Measuring 13"w x 15"d x 13"h, this simple but sturdy box is perfectly sized for record albums. $12.99

Sefour Vinyl Record Carry Box from Musician's Friend A perfect combination of simple storage box and small furniture. $37.99

(Images: 1. Flickr user bricolagelife with permission. All others: As credited above.)

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