9 Ways To Use IKEA's Bekvam Spice Racks All Over the House

2011 was the year that IKEA's super cheap (a mere $4) Bekvam spice rack began making appearances repurposed in children's rooms to hold and display books. The idea caught fire and they've become practically de rigueur in kids' rooms. But there's no reason this versatile little shelf should be relegated to the kitchen or the kid's room. Here are 9 other ideas...

1. (Shown above) This homeowner loves having glasses near the fridge and the Bekvam racks were just the right size for her (probably also IKEA) drinking glasses. (The Painted House)

2. If you don't mind giving away your beauty secrets, a few of these racks can hold plenty of grooming supplies in a bathroom. (Serena Kelly)

3. Hung upside down the rack becomes a clothing hanger, especially good for small children's clothes (Piper & Poppies)

4. A crafting studio gets organized by mounting Bekvams to hold a large collection of ribbon. (7 Layer Studio)

5. Need a small towel rack? An inverted Bekvam offers that as well as a little room on top for storage or display. (Jami Day Colon)

6. Here, two racks hold diapering supplies in a nursery. (Ikea Hackers)

7. This isn't even in a nail salon - the homeowner just really, really likes nail polish. (This Mama's Gonna Snap)

8. Inverted, the Bekvam acts as a magazine holder. (Retropolitan)

9. Perhaps closest to their intended use, the relatively small scale of the Bekvams makes them perfectly suited as shelves for play kitchens. (Little Blue Boo)

And, a note for readers living in IKEA dry zones - you can purchase the Bekvam online.

Re-edited from a post originally published 2.11.14-NT

(Image credits: The Painted Cottage; Serena Kelly; Piper & Poppies; 7 Layer Studio; Jami Day Colon; Ikea Hackers; This Mom's Gonna Snap; Retropolitan; Little Blue Boo)