25 Inspiring Ideas: Repurposing Old Toys

So you've gone through the toys, sorted them, and chosen some to part with. Now what? You could donate them, do a toy swap, hide them away for a while, or trash them. But another fun idea I've come across recently is to repurpose those once-treasured toys. I've rounded up twenty-five inspiring ideas for repurposing your little one's unwanted play things, from the practical to the outrageous and everything in between.


1. Build an island with Lego
2. Transform toys into art
3. Upcycle old puzzle piece into magnets
4. Create artwork with old toy cars
5. Make a lamp out of an old tractor toy


6. Build a Lego flower pot
7. Or perhaps use them to construct a utensil holder
8. Turn an unused train into desk knobs
9. Or try the same trick with some old blocks
10. Fashion a home for your keys

Leave an army man to guard your favorite books
12. If you have about 20,000 Legos lying around you could design a staircase
13. Or a few unwanted blocks can become useful hooks
14. Assemble a charging station for your electronics
15. Create a keychain with an old toy car

Tiny toys can make for a colorful mobile
17. Fill a dump truck with dirt to create an instant planter
18. Assemble an assortment of toys for a fun and funky lamp
19. The back of an old wooden pickup is perfect for holding books
20. Make a fun mirror for your little one's room with their unwanted play things

A tiny toy can be used as a candle holder
The ladder on this old fire truck is the perfect place for a little light
These tiny people can help your tell time
Use your little one's toys to hold your big kid toys
And these prehistoric creatures make for a pretty planter

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