3 Fantastic Online Sources for Cool Art Prints

3 Fantastic Online Sources for Cool Art Prints

Laura E. Hall
May 24, 2011

We love to change up our office artwork periodically, to keep things fresh and exciting, but with a limited budget, we're always on the lookout for affordable pieces. Here are three more of our favorite sources for inexpensive, beautiful and cool art, online.

Thumbtack Press

Thumbtack Press is a new outfit, created to bring cool affordable art to the discerning online patron. Prices range from $19.99 to $34.99 for open editions. Free shipping for orders over $75.

TL: Batman by Paul Blow. TR: Monster 11 by Kimiaki Yaegashi. BL: Mistaken Identity by Ken Wong. BR: Mr. Foot by Wilson Hsu.


20x200 is the brainchild of gallery Jen Bekman, designed to bring artists and buyers together to offer affordable limited editions. An edition of 200 of a small image sells for $20, 500 of a larger image for $50, and so on.

TL: Atari by Hollis Brown Thornton. TR: Natural Selections XI by Jason Burch. BL: Studio Apartment by Chi Birmingham. BL: Ramona's Bright Idea by Pattie Lee Becker.


Etsy's giclee art print section is our go-to when we're in the mood for a new, affordable print. If you're willing to do a little digging, you can find almost literally anything you want. Try searching by keywords like "geometric", "typography" or "neutrals" to narrow down the results.

TL: Adventurer's Club by Matte Stephens. TR: Toro print by corduroy. BL: Yellow Dutch Flower - Vintage Woodblock with a Modern Twist by KitschyKitschyCool. BL: Lapporten, Abisko, Sweden by linguine.

Do you have any cool sources or favorite Etsy print shops to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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