(Image credit: John's Sunlit Studio)

You can make the most of living in any size space — from studio apartments to mansions — but there’s no doubt you need a special set of design skills to choose, decorate, and organize a tiny home. Here are eight that have done it successfully, and who have lots of lessons to share. Take inspiration from these stellar homes, all of which are 400 square feet or less…

Name: John's Sunlit Studio (lead image above)
Location: New York City
Square Feet: 260
(Image credit: Sherrie and Oliver )
Location: New York City
Square Feet: 400
(Image credit: Bethany Nauert)
Location: Los Angeles
Square Feet: 400
(Image credit: June Bhongjan)
(Image credit: Andrea Sparacio)
Square Feet: 295
Location: New York City
Location: Austin, TX
Square Feet: 400
Location: Boston, MA
Square Feet: 224
Location: Austin, Texas
Size: 300 square feet

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