A Tiny & Pleasant Paris Apartment

Professional Project

Project by: Jean-Bastien Lagrange
Location: Le Marais district, Paris, France

What's better than a lazy Saturday spent slowly making your way out of bed, enjoying the late-morning light streaming in through your bedroom windows and appreciating all the hard work you've put into your beautiful home? Dreaming about the gorgeous Paris apartment you'll one day live in, which you'll get to lazily wake up in every morning, too.

Is it the moody lighting? The pitch-perfect wall paint color palette? The casual yet sophisticated smattering of furnishings? Or the hint of Japanese design influence? It's every design detail of this Paris apartment designed by interior designer Jean-Bastien Lagrange. This home is lovely, for sure, but it's also totally accessible, not some unattainable high-end dream.

From the designer:

This project is an apartment in the very center of Paris in a 1700 building, [just over 500 square feet]. It seems to me very interesting to display as it is a two floor apartment [opening up] on a charming courtyard. I created an atmosphere for the ground floor (kitchen) between the classical style of an ancient family house and an industrial atmosphere of a former workshop.

The living room is more 1950s influenced with a touch of Asia (as the client used to live there for several years), but something chic. I have imagined the bedroom more like a cabinet of curiosities. This apartment is an experience between contemporary and ancient, Europe and Asia, modernity but always warm.

Thanks, Jean-Bastien Lagrange!

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(Image credits: Jean-Bastien Lagrange)