Advice for Creating a Home That Reflects Your Personality

Take a real long, careful look around your home. Does it look like "you"? Does it reflect your personality? If it doesn't — if friends are often surprised when they visit your home — you might consider some of the advice from this week's gorgeous house tours.

Make sure your room has personality

"I always tell people to make sure their room has personality and reflects themselves. I’ve seen many homes where you get no sense of the people who live there. It’s like walking into a hotel. I also think it’s nice to have at least one old thing, even in a room of completely new modern furniture. An object or piece of furniture with some of the patina of life adds a lot of character."

From Jeff's Texture and Tone Abode

Design your space for your life

"Someone once told me, “Design your space for the life you really live”. I would add don’t be afraid to change your space, you can always repaint, move the furniture back, rehang the curtains. And surround yourself with the things you love; they all have a story to tell…"

— From Kathie's Bohemian Live/Work Space

Be genuine

"Be genuine in translating your style into your home and it isn’t necessary to spend loads to create a lovely space. Choose what needs to be investment pieces that really last and then shop around for little bargains when it comes to the rest."

— From Teri & Nick's Handmade Home in London

Spend time

"Spend some time living in the space before deciding what changes to make."

— From Naomi & Anthony's Collected Craftsman Home

Spock knew what was up

"Be Happy, smile, take stock, make stock, live long and prosper."

— From Laura's Bright and Beautiful Victorian Duplex in Glasgow

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(Image credits: Pablo Enriquez; Jacqueline Marque; Eleanor Büsing; Marcia Prentice; Lizzie Ford)