Before & After: DIY Rope Bench

Before & After: DIY Rope Bench

Kristen Lubbe
Sep 1, 2011

Repurposing hand-me-downs or flea market finds is so incredibly fun and the options are endless. Sometimes giving a piece of furniture a face lift is as easy as visiting your local hardware store.

Most of us have an item in the home that used to have a purpose but now it's just sitting around with no particular place to go. For Sam, a broken down bench with no purpose was re-imagined into a beautiful rope bench.

After a quick trip to a local hardware store, Sam was able to fix this bench up and give it new life. The purchase of paint, towing rope (available in a variety of colors), staples and a lighter was all that was needed to create this awesome rope project.

The rope bench was achieved using a simple weave pattern and is held in place by staples — it really doesn't get much more basic than that but the results are astounding! The process was relatively easy and can be done in an afternoon.

See the full project on Today's Nest — Roping in Style: Discarded Bench Makeover.

Images: Today's Nest

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