Before & After:
Faith & Mike Create a Bathroom

Best of 2013

Most of our Renovation Diary projects involve transforming an existing space. This one was different because Faith and Mike chose to create a bathroom in their 1920s Columbus home where before there was only a sleeping porch. Originally the space was only 7 feet tall, with a sloping floor that would have to be replaced. It was a unique project, and a unique challenge.

(You can see many more photos of the original space in the post that introduced Faith and Mike's bathroom remodel.)

Faith and Mike shared with us their inspiration for their finished bathroom and the projected budget for the project, and then got to work. Click on the links to learn more about each week's progress.

Week 1 (which was actually much longer than a week) involved lots of demo.

Week 2 was even more demolition, including tearing out the old floor. That's a big pile of lath sitting on the driveway.

In Week 3, the new bathroom started to take shape, with a new floor and new walls.

Week 4: New plumbing! (Very important for a bathroom.)

Week 5: In which decisions were made about tile.

Week 6: The floor tiles are installed, along with a surprisingly inexpensive heated floor system.

Week 7: The bathroom is really coming together now. Vanities and wall tile are installed.

Week 8: Lots of finishing touches — shower glass and mirrors, cabinet hardware, lighting, shower and faucet trim. And it's a wrap!

The finished bathroom has a light, airy, minimal feel. It's the perfect shared bathroom for Faith and Mike. You can see many more photos of the finished space, and sources for the materials used, here. Faith and Mike also shared their final budget for the renovation and the things they learned along the way.

Congratulations, Faith and Mike!

(Image credits: Faith Durand)