Before & After: IKEA Hack Renders KURA Bed Unrecognizable...and Amazing

Ikea Hackers

IKEA's KURA bed is meant to be flexible — the structure is reversible and the mattress can either be put on the bottom or on top as a loft bed. But even IKEA couldn't have anticipated the changes that Gisela made to it, in this really nice hack...

Gisela built up the structure of the bed (which she calls "The Little Forest House) then wrapped it entirely in a sheath of wood veneered MDF, making it both sleek and sturdy. The top level is a sleeping space, and the bottom is for play. The cut outs you see on the exterior serve as a ladder up to the second story.

Well done Gisela, and thanks for sharing! You can see more photos of her design, over at IKEAHackers.

(Image credits: IKEA Hackers)