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Tonya lives in a "fantastically old" house that's filled to the brim with home improvement projects. The target for one of these projects was a blank corner of her kitchen that needed seating beyond just the high chair that usually lived there. Check out what she was able to do with this little corner in just one weekend. 

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

A clean, basic, and lovely custom banquette, made with her two hands. It still needs some trim at the base, but it's already looking damn good. Here's what Tonya had to say about this very do-able DIY:

The idea seemed logical and simple and kind of a no-brainer. It's also another way to bring the (existing) IKEA cabinets up a notch — a prerequisite for all kitchen decisions.
For a full description of the process, and photos, head over to Tonya's blog, Paint It Yellow

Thanks Tonya!

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