(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

After coming across a bold and expensive wall treatment online, Chrissann hedged for weeks about doing something similar and cheaper in her own bedroom. It turns out what she needed was the free time (and painkiller-induced courage) from a wisdom tooth extraction to take the plunge. 

(Image credit: Chrissann Gasparro)

Chrissann created a dalmation print wall stencil with stencil film from the craft store and an x-acto knife, cutting out the pattern with the help of a printed template. Over two afternoons, she painted the stencil on the dominant wall of her bedroom, filling in empty spaces by hand with a foam brush. 

The whole project, including the paint, cost $27. If this sounds good to you too, head on over to Chrissann's blog, Ducklings in a Row, for more photos and instructions on how to get the look yourself. 

Thanks, Chrissann! 

(Images: Chrissann Gasparro)