Before & After: Upcycled Bookshelf

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When Emma's local Goodwill held a competition for upcycling, she knew it was the perfect opportunity to make her two-year-old son the bookshelf he'd been needing.

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From Emma:

I found the broken down old dresser for fifteen dollars, and the legs came from another end table that I got for only two. After a ton of sanding (through a coat of white, yellow, and even blue!! paint), I began to see what pretty wood there was underneath! So I finished it, added trim and the "new" aqua legs then began to work on the doors. I painted in stencils with wood glue so that the wood stain would avoid those areas on the doors. Then, I stained and hoped for the best! Luckily it turned out better than I even expected. It has just the boyish charm we were hoping for. 
Nice job Emma! Readers, you can see more of Emma over at Simply Cosy.

(Images: Emma Morris)

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