Before & After: Beautifying a Beat Up $5 Furniture Find

Before & After: Beautifying a Beat Up $5 Furniture Find

Nora Taylor
Aug 6, 2016

Kristine purchased this beat up bad boy for $5 knowing she could make something out of the mid-century style. After some serious blood, sweat and tears it is now a gorgeous patterned side board that is currently up for auction (in Australia!) and you can check it out here.

From Kristine: I started with this crappy old sideboard which I picked up for just $5… I bought this baby "site unseen" (after a friend sent me a photo) because I loved the clean mid-century lines and generous proportions.

I also really liked the fact it looked so disheveled. I know that might sound weird, however I love "sow's ear to silk purse" makeovers, and knew I could do something completely transformative with this piece.

And how bad could it be, right?


Turns out…pretty bad.

I mean, it was clear there was a missing drawer and door (I could deal with that) though what wasn't clear was the fact that the remaining doors and drawers were all constructed from faux wood-grain textured chipboard! And that the top and sides were nothing more than super thin faux marble laminated masonite!


Still, I had a vision and it was going to come to fruition!

You can follow the project and learn more about the auction at Kristine's blog The Painted Hive.

Thank you, Kristine!

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