Best Outdoor Furniture: Dining Tables & Chairs

Best Outdoor Furniture: Dining Tables & Chairs

Maxwell Ryan
Apr 15, 2016
(Image credit: Maxwell Ryan)

Thinking about a sweet table and chairs to move your home into the out-of-doors? How about a small one to fit on your fire escape? How about a nice long one to sit in your yard?

Updated from the last few years lists, I've decided to go back to listing great outdoor tables and chairs that come in sets and apart. This year it is all new and arranged by price just for you. Enjoy and give me ALL your comments.


A classic from the 2014 PS collection, Mathias Hahn here updates the German beer garden table and bench (see below) in a lovely, clean way. Totally foldable and durable for outdoors, all pieces can be bought separately.

I've loved this German imported style for years. Durable, welcoming and super well priced, there's no plastic here, just old fashioned metal and wood. The design is good for longer spaces and easily fits more or less on the bench. Buy all the pieces separately.

This is a totally different style for your outdoors, courtesy of Target with a very nice price. All pieces can come separately and are powder coated UV resistant steel. As they say, "If you remember this style and shape of metal furniture you probably think of family fun days at the beach or poolside. Today, this look comes home to give you a nostalgic touch to your patio furniture that is sure to be a huge hit with your friends and family."

LOVE. Made in Italy and designed by EMU, this table and chairs are an update on the classic Parisian park chairs, and are light, durable and foldable. They are great for small spaces! "The steel frame is finished with a baked-on polyester powdercoat that stands up to the elements and withstands being folded and unfolded as your flexible seating needs change. The Arc En Ciel folds completely flat for convenient storage."

Growing up, this was the type of thing we had in our back yard. Great simple design with powder coated steel, glass tops and UV resistant fabric, all pieces come separately and four colorways!

On sale right now at CB2, this table and chairs combo will stylishly fill a very small footprint. The table is designed by Mark Daniel of Slate Design, and is stainless steel. The chairs are powder coated iron.

I've loved these chairs for many years, and CB2 keeps making them, which is FANTASTIC. Colorful, light, stackable, comfortable and indestructible, you can use them with anything.

In last year's roundup and well spoken of by readers, Target's homebrand, Threshold, looks convincingly like teak, but is actually painted aluminum.


THE ORIGINAL FRENCH BISTRO TABLE AND CHAIRS... all nicely collected up under one roof at AHCS, these are all powder coated and come in many sizes and colors, As they say, "These bistro sets are reproductions circa 1889 from the largest line of patio furniture in Europe including Bistro folding chairs and French bistro tables."

Recommended by readers, R & B's Montego line can run you up in price, but it will last forever and the Bellini chairs are awesome and not too expensive with it. It's a good investment. As they say, the table is made of "solid ipe and hand-welded, outdoor-grade stainless steel, making it as durable as it is eye-catching."

Crate does a really nice job with outdoor furniture. Freshly designed classics with a comfortable American language, these will fit in and bring a touch of quiet style to your outdoor space. They will also last forever. Table is made of powder coated aluminum with a UV resistant faux wood top. Chairs are powder coated aluminum.

A favorite from West Elm, Jardine has many pieces that you can get, from chairs with this small table, right up to a big dining situation. These solid wood dining tables with benches and/or chairs has a satisfying design update to separate it from traditional picnic ground fare. "Each piece in the Jardine Dining Set is made of FSC-certified wood and has a rugged, driftwood-inspired finish that feels cured by sun and salty air."

I chose this for the unusual use of powder coated Emeco chairs out of doors. While the Kayu table is a lovely, simply designed teak table, which also comes with a bench, I like the mixing and matching with the aluminum chairs. This is a good idea and you could take the chairs and do the same yourself with another wood table to get the same nice contrast.


My personal favorite if money is no object! The Finn collection can come separately and are deliciously made from teak, stainless steel and Sunbrella fabrics. In addition, "The Finn Collection has been honored with a 2015 Architizer A+ Jury Award – selected by 300-plus international architecture and design leaders – and a 2014 Chicago Athenaeum Good Design Award."

Recommended by reader Tallsarah, Kingsley Bate is a new resource for me with very nice selection of sustainably harvested and beautifully made teak outdoor furniture. This is what Tallsarah says, "2 years ago we bought a Kingsley Bate brand teak table (seats up to 14 easily), 2 chairs & a bench. It was expensive (about $3000 for the set), but since we plan to have it for at least 20 years, worth the price. We did not oil it, b/c in New England, it will last longer by letting it weather. It can stay outside year round, so no need to store."

From Europe and previously hard to source, this spectacular mid-century styled and super practical design is another favorite. Made of powder coated aluminum and steel, "the bounding elegance of the forms and the pastel green perforated surfaces are simply enchanting."

On sale again, this classic teak collection of tables, chairs and loungers promises 25 years of service and is made of sustainably harvested, premium Grade-A teak. With mortise and tenon joinery and stainless steel hardware.

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