(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

Anyone who has tried to pick out white paint knows there are tons of variants. In my case, I've started a personal crusade against antique white in favor of a brighter white. 

One of the most ambitious goals in my January Cure was painting all the antique white walls in my three-story row home Ultra Pure White. Having redone two long hallways areas, I've made decent progress. Today I'm working on an awkward stairway.

The paint I'm covering up has a flat finish, which scuffs easily, and I also just really dislike warm white (it's just so yellow). When I talked to my mom, an avid painter, about my goal, her opinion was that old houses should be cooler white and new houses should be warmer white. My house is over a century old, and all I know is it has started feeling lighter and brighter.

Do you prefer cool or warm white paint? Do you agree with the old=cooler white and new=warmer white theory?

(Image: Kim R. McCormick)