Desktop Decor DIY: How To Make a Mini Bullet Planter

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Bring a slice of coveted MCM home decor right to your desktop with these miniature bullet planters. Made from upcycled plastic Easter eggs and a few pieces of wire, this simple DIY will make your cute cubicle the envy of the office.

What You Need


  • 20 gauge jewelry wire
  • Plastic easter eggs
  • Tape



1. Cut three 6" pieces of wire. Straighten as much as you can with needle nose and nylon pliers.

2. Detach the two parts of the egg—you'll use the bottom (larger) part as it best mimics the original bullet planters.

3. Bend the top of one of the wires over the inside of the egg about an 1/8 of an inch. Mold the rest of the wire alongside the egg, stopping at the middle bottom point.

3. Continue step 2 with the remaining two wires.

4. Position the wires around the rim of the egg and secure them in place with tape.

5. Connect the wires at the mid point of the bottom of the egg by loosely twisting, or braiding them together one time.

6. With the pliers, pinch the wires at the base and turn the egg a few times to form a twist in the wires that will secure everything in place.

7. Adjust the wires so the twist is directly under the base of the egg.

8. Make sure the wires are securely clamped to the inside of the egg.

9. Position and trim the the legs and straighten out any bumps with your pliers. Touch up any stripped wires with a black sharpie.

The 20 gauge wire legs won't hold a lot of weight, so be mindful when picking your plants. Tiny air plants are great options for the planters as they weigh next to nothing and can survive without much attention.

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(Image credits: Ashley Poskin)