DIY Brass Hanging Planter

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This adorable little brass tubing planter has been making its way around Pinterest lately —and for good reason. It's just as fun as it is affordable and stands about 18" tall so it's a perfect addition to any small space!

If you've yet to work with brass tubing, this is a fantastic intro project to get your feet wet. Tubing can be used to create many beautiful, useful projects around your home such as pendant lighting or shelving, but before investing in those much larger, more expensive materials, see how you like working with brass by completing this simple planter project.

What You Need


  • 28-30 (very thin) gauge floral wire (at least 9')
  • 1/8" Brass tubing (Get at least 8' -you'll find it in the hobby section at the hardware store)
  • Mini tube cutter
  • Small potted plant
  • Tape measure
  • Marker
  • Hanging element (leather or thicker gauge wire)


1. Measure out 20 1 1/2" pieces, and 5 9 1/2" pieces.

2. Use your mini tube cutter to cut the pieces. Line up the blade to your measurement, and tighten the clamp. The clamp shouldn't be so tight that you need pliers to spin the brass tubing, but tight enough that it won't fall off. Slowly spin the tubing until you feel the clamp loosen a bit. Tighten up the clamp again and continue to spin the tubing until the cut is made.

3. Measure out 7'-9' of wire. I allowed even more for myself... just in case!

4. Add 5 of the short pieces on to the end of the wire to make your first pentagon.

4. Twist the wires together a few times to secure the first pentagon in place.

5. Add four more pieces to make your second pentagon. Throughout this process you might have to double back through a few tubes so that you are correctly positioned to make the next pentagon.

6. Add your third and fourth pentagon.

7. Run the wire through the tubes so that it is coming out of an end point before proceeding to the next step (The photo directly below is the correct wire placement).

8. Add one more small piece.

9. Connect the single piece to the base of the pentagons so that it looks like the photo below. Thread the wire so that it goes back down through to the edge as seen in the photo below:

10. Add the remaining two pieces to make the last pentagon.

Almost finished! Be sure to pull the wire as you go so you don't end up with a loosey-goosey planter.

11. Run the wire around so that it comes out of one of the tops of the pentagon's at the point, as shown in the photo below:

12. String one long piece of tubing on to the top of the pentagon. Attach a second piece of the longer tubing and connect at the top of another pentagon.

13, Run the wire through until it comes out of the point of the third pentagon and attach another long piece.

14. Run the wire through the middle of the two tubes at the top of the planter to secure it in place. Twist it around few times to be sure its secure.

15. Add one more long piece to the planter.

16. Place the pot in the center of the planter and put the remaining long tube in place. Secure by wrapping the wire around the top point of the planter.

Make a loop at the top of the planter with a thicker gauge wire, or leather strip so you can easily hang it.

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(Image credits: Ashley Poskin)