Easter Egg Hunt: Finding DIY Plastic Egg Alternatives

We love having an Easter Egg hunt. It's a tradition my mom kept alive well into my college years. No matter what the weather - even with snow on the ground - my brother, myself, and our parents went outside with our baskets and color-coded eggs. I still remember the year my mom hung a colorful bra - it was Easter-like, apparently - from a tree branch just for me!

Continuing that tradition (okay, not the bra, probably) with my daughter is important. But I'm noticing that those plastic Easter eggs just aren't made like they used to be. Plus, eco-friendly, organic, quality and cheap plastic don't really go hand in hand. So I've been gathering some other ideas. Even if we don't replace the plastic eggs entirely, some of these ideas would be great treasures to add to the hunt.

(Images as linked above.)

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