Easy Thanksgiving Decorations to Make from Things Around the House

Easy Thanksgiving Decorations to Make from Things Around the House

Shifrah Combiths
Nov 13, 2015

You don't have to break the bank or the clock to make your place festive for Thanksgiving. These decorations are all made from things you probably have in or around your home. They're simple, pretty, and don't require much energy—just the right kind of DIYs for this time of year.

The simple fall leaf garland above is made of card stock and twine. Leaf templates and instructions are available on A Beautiful Mess, and you can cut out leaves while Netflix binging.

Go on a nature walk and collect some pinecones for this simple and elegant pinecone door hanger from Country Living. When Thanksgiving is over, you can use it as a wintery decoration by adding glitter, gold paint, etc.

This bright pop of orange is a candle made from a clementine and olive oil. See our how-to, including a video, here.

Glue some twigs to the outside of a jar and you've got yourself a woodsy votive.

(Image credit: The Family CEO)

The Family CEO via Just Imagine

Or put some twigs in water under floating candles for a simple but mesmerizing display like this one.

Really, there are a lot of things you could put in water and top with floating candles for easy, beautiful Thanksgiving decorations. You could make this one from Better Homes and Gardens with some whole cranberries snagged pre-sauce and some still-green clippings from one of your bushes.

(Image credit: Cinq Mai)

Never underestimate the possibilities of branches in a vase, even if they're bare...

... but they're even better if they're bursting with changing leaves!

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