First Look: 12 Favorites from IKEA's New PS 2014 Collection

PS 2014 Pendant (opens and closes) $69.99

The editors in NYC got the chance to go see the new IKEA PS 2014 Collection this morning, and it's an amazing one. Created by 14 young designers from around the globe, its focus is on solutions for small space living - in IKEA's words "to live more simply and do more with the space you have".

Every PS collection is a three year process, and this one focused on the fact that more and more of us live in cities (as of 2014 more people are living in cities than ever before) where space is at a premium. IKEA has been working with these "vitality collections" for many years, and they are always youthful and meant to bring in new voices from around the world.

I loved these new textile designs from Danish Designer, Margrethe Odgaard, who was inspired by her travels in Romania where colorful floor tiles often take these triangular geometric shapes.


The process started with 40 design firms gathering in Sweden to get the design brief three years ago. From those firms, 200 designs were generated, out of which 40 were eventually chosen for this collection, which was eventually titled On The Move to build on the fact that all of these designs are light and portable as well.

The final designs are quite remarkable and who what IKEA is able to do so well: create original, global designs that are beautiful, purposeful and affordable. They have in a sense truly created a design platform through which independent designers can speak alongside of their inhouse designers.

The designers we saw at the preview yesterday were from Japan, Germany, Sweden, USA, Romania and France.

Here are some highlights (the the press release with deep detail is here):

PS 2014 Balancing Bench $49.99

PS 2014 Greenhouse (also in orangey-red) $29.99

PS 2014 Secretary (also in white) $189

PS 2014 Bench $99

PS 2014 Storage Table (also in white) $69

PS 2014 Floor Lamp $69.99

PS 2014 Corner Easy Chair (price TBD)

PS 2014 Rug Low Pile $79.99, Flat Woven $129.

PS 2014 Storage Modules $6 - 34.

PS 2014 Wall Shelf (also in White) $49.99

PS 2014 Folding Table ($129.) & Bench ($79.)

Like what you see? The collection will be available in stores in April!


Check out some of our live pics straight from this morning's preview. We're just loving the smart, urban solutions in this new collection.

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(Image credits: IKEA; Maxwell Ryan)