4 Homemade Clamp Ideas

4 Homemade Clamp Ideas

Regina Yunghans
Feb 3, 2010

If you are taking on some small projects around the house but don't necessarily have a shop full of tools, it might come in handy to have a few alternatives if you find yourself in need of clamps.

Clamps can be useful for holding things in place while your hands are busy with other parts of a project. They're also handy when you're gluing something that needs to be held together for an extended period while the glue sets up. If you find yourself in a pinch without a clamp (no pun intended), maybe you have one of these alternatives around the house:

  • a pair of pliers with a strong rubber band or tube rubber tied around the handle
  • clamps from an old pair of jumper cables
  • A caulk gun can actually act as a clamp.
  • Surgical tubing just might do the job if you tie it tightly to hold a bundle of pieces in place (like the chair legs shown)

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