Good Questions: Ridding Curry Odor From Couch?

Good Questions: Ridding Curry Odor From Couch?

Gregory Han
Feb 3, 2009

As someone who LOVES the smell and taste of curry, we found this recent reader question an amusing one:
I recently bought a couch from a lovely Indian couple off of Craigslist. The couch is perfect except for the fact that the couch smells like curry. What would be the most cost effective thing for me to do to get rid of the smell?Thanks! Jayne

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Jayne, although we're more apt to just live with the aromatic smell of curry, we can understand you want to begin your life with your newly acquired couch free of smells. First, we recommend you remove all pillows and apply a good deal amount of baking soda on all surfaces (including pillows) and allow it to sit for a day; baking soda should absorb a great deal of the smell. But curry can be a stubborn odour to remove, so you'll likely have to follow up with a steam clean (a little bit of Oxyclean or other color safe peroxide formula is reputed to help) and then let it dry out in the sun, which will allow it not only to dry but give it additional "airing out" time.

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