How to: Make Homemade Drawer Organizers

111709divider-01.jpgDrawer dividers aren't a necessity for some folks but we love how they make undergarments and accessories a cinch to find. We have our favorite products from Container Store which sort and divide dresser drawers but after seeing Pia's DIY solution--we're thinking it's a great alternative.

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Cardboard, a measuring tool and an X-Acto knife is all you're going to need for this DIY. Measuring the correct height of each drawer will be key to getting the correct fit. The drawer dividers don't have to run the entire length or width of the drawer either. You may want a larger, open space for storing bigger items like scarves or bulky accessories.

Other DIY alternatives for dividing your drawers are shoe boxes or tissue boxes (as suggested in the comments here).

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(Images: sheepstillstudio)