A Maximalist, Layered Lounge in Oakland

A Maximalist, Layered Lounge in Oakland

Esteban Cortez
Nov 16, 2017
When Kristin and Corey met, they fell in love instantly, and three months later they were looking to buy a house in Oakland. Years later, their home is filled (literally!) with layers of colorful rugs, cozy throw pillows, and lots and lots of knick-knacks. Minimalists, take a deep breath!
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Kristin says the previous owner had built the house, and his wife lived in it the rest of her life, so it was like walking into a time capsule from 1963 when they first toured it. "Structurally, it was in good condition, but it needed a face-lift."
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Kristin and Corey walked away from the house after the first tour. "It was so ugly from the outside, we almost drove away, but when we walked into the living room and saw its giant windows framing the gorgeous San Francisco Bay, I fell in love." It took a second viewing to convince Corey to say "Yes" to the house.
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Though Kristin and Corey don't travel as often as they'd like, they want their home to give an impression that they do. Kristin says Morocco is at the top of her list of future travel destinations.
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Kristin clearly isn't afraid of layering: her living room is filled with layer upon layers of rugs, textured wall hangings, and other vintage textiles. "It was a modest ranch home with a great open floor plan," Kristin says about the couple's decision to buy the home. "I had a vision of how I could make it a lovely home for us. I love a challenge, so we dove in!"
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Our Style: Cozy bohemian layered lounge.

Biggest Indulgence: Our sofa. It was pricey, but we don't regret it. We've had it a long time and it still looks like new. It's the centerpiece of "The Lounge."

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In the living room, Kristin and Corey set up a lounge seating area where they can watch TV.
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"Luckily, it's been easy to decorate the house since my husband and I share a similar aesthetic, and he pretty much lets me do what I want," Kristin says. "If he doesn't like what I do, he says he'll just ignore it! He almost always ends up liking it." They both love spending time in their home, whether in the cozy living room or their renovated kitchen. A typical afternoon may consist of cooking a meal together or playing a record from their collection.
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Inspiration: My mom, nature, Tony Duquette, Iris Apfel, Justina Blakeney, David Hicks, Hawaii, the '60s and '70s.
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Kristin says the house has a very laid-back vibe. "The moment I walk through the door I feel like it's giving me a warm embrace. It invites me to leave my worries at the door, kick off my shoes, and put on my comfy lounging clothes."
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Kristin also loves to add "mood lighting" to each room. "Every surface is gleaming with beautiful colors and shimmering metallics. It's a sumptuous feast for the eyes."
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What Friends Say: It's warm, cozy and relaxing and looks like it belongs in a magazine. They never want to leave.
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The home's spacious layout allowed Kristin and Corey to create a home office space just outside of the kitchen. Kristin's work space is filled with even more vintage art and textiles. The green office chair was found at local shop Therapy. The metal shelf was found at Oakland shop Nathan & Co.
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Best Advice: It's your home so don't be afraid to experiment and go wild.
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When Kristin and Corey saw this Danish buffet sitting outside a vintage furniture shop, they immediately stopped the car to buy it. "Several people tried to buy it as we were purchasing it," she says.
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A bar area allows Kristin and Corey to easily entertain their guests."We like to have a lounge party on Saturday nights, where we spin our favorite records and dance the night away. The next day we like to sleep in and make a mouthwatering brunch," says Kristin.
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The white dining table was purchased from Corey's now-closed vintage and consignment store. Luckily, Kristin got first dibs on a lot of the store's treasures as they came in.
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Kristin and Corey are most proud of the kitchen remodel. "When we purchased the house, it had the original tiny kitchen from 1963," Kristin says. "It had avocado green floors, ancient appliances, and a cabinet that hung right in the middle of the room."
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Proudest DIY: The kitchen, for sure! The plan was to make it much bigger but we didn't have the money to enlarge the kitchen and install new hardwood floors. So we did something crazy. We gutted the kitchen, and covered up the old footprint with new floors that extended into the rest of the house. When we were ready, I spent months designing a new layout for the long, awkward space. There was some outside help, but it was mostly our DIY project and it took a full year to finish. Now it's a big, bright colorful kitchen with two sinks, two ovens and plenty of room for us to cook to our heart's content. It's my dream kitchen!
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During the renovation, the couple put in a temporary kitchen made from restaurant carts with wheels and a butcher block on top. "We cut a hole in one to drop in a sink. For cooking, we used a hot plate, crock pot, and toaster oven," Kristin says. "We made due with this tiny makeshift kitchen for about four years before we were able to afford to start the kitchen remodel."

Though they had a bit of outside help, most of the kitchen remodel was DIY. The remodel took about one year to finish.

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Biggest Challenge: The house is at the top of a long narrow driveway. It's impossible to get a truck up here so moving heavy things in and out of the house can be difficult and exhausting. We usually stuff things in the back of the car or hope we can get it up the hill with a dolly.
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"My husband had a little construction experience, but mostly we learned as we went, searching for DIY techniques in books, online, and asking for help from friends in the trade," Kristin says. "Painstakingly, we transformed our home from top to bottom."
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An owl-themed vignette in the remodeled kitchen.
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In the master bedroom, Moroccan pillows add color to the space. Most of Kristin's pillows come from Flea Market Fab.
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The green comforter on the bed is from World Market, one of Kristin's favorite stores for inspiration.
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A vintage credenza at the side of the bed creates extra storage in Kristin and Corey's bedroom.
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Another owl-themed vignette in the master bedroom.
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Kristin turned an extra bedroom into her workout room, where she has enough space to run on a treadmill and watch TV as she exercises. The Moroccan rug is from Flea Market Fab.
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The "Slay" neon sign on the dresser is from Oakland shop Urban Indigo.
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Kristin's exercise room comes equipped with an en suite bathroom. The pendant lights are from IKEA.
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The en suite bathroom was renovated with cabinets, a vanity, and sink from IKEA. A chandelier adds a luxurious touch, making it feel like a retreat for the couple.
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The driveway to the house is long and narrow, which makes it difficult to drive a truck in. But Kristin and Corey had an idea: Turn part of the drive way into an outdoor tiki lounge.
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"I've designed my abode for relaxation and a total escape from the world," Kristin says. "It's the perfect place to daydream and snuggle up with our cats Gracie and Zoey."
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A cluster of plants at the entrance to the makeshift patio brings the boho vibe found inside the home to the outdoors.
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Kristin and Corey wanted their outdoor lounge area to feel like a retreat. They blocked the view of the street and added string lights, plants, and colorful textures to create a cozy ambiance.
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"Everyone says our home feels cozy and magical," Kristin says. "It's great for hanging out with friends, or a simple candlelit dinner for just the two of us."
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Thanks, Kristin and Corey!
Image credit: Submitted by Kristin
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Name: Kristin Peters and Corey McLaughlin, cats Gracie and Zoey
Location: Redwood Heights — Oakland, California
Size: 1,500 square feet
Years lived in: 13 years, owned

When Kristin and Corey first looked at their Oakland home when it was on the market, they walked away from it. Kristin fell in love with the living room views, but Corey couldn't get past the ugly facade and outdated design. When the house kept popping up in their searches (but with a lower price), they agree to take another look. This time, they realized that the bones and structure of the home were in good condition — it just needed a dramatic face-lift. Kristin had a vision of how she could make it a lovely home for the couple, and since she loves a challenge, they dove right in.

Over the next 12 years, Kristin and Corey spent countless hours remodeling the home, all while living in the space themselves. Corey had a tiny bit of construction experience, but that didn't stop them from tackling most of the home projects on their own. The couple scoured the Internet, books, and magazines for advice and tips. "Painstakingly, we transformed our home from top to bottom," Kristin says.

Today, it's literally filled with layers of rugs, cozy throw pillows, and lots and lots of knick-knacks. The couple knows having so much stuff isn't for everyone, but they love the coziness and warmth it evokes as their guests walk through the front door. Though the home gives the impression that the couple has explored the world, Kristin says they actually don't do much travelling. This is intentional, and Kristin says she uses the accessories in her home to inspire her to explore more (first on the list is Morocco, where a lot of her textiles come from). "There are no rules, so do what makes you happy, she says. "Create an experience!"


Entryway — Clarke and Kensington: Black Sand
Stucco — Benjamin Moore: Blue Note
Trim — Benjamin Moore: Decorator's White
Wood — Benjamin Moore: Deep Silver
Retaining walls — Benjamin Moore: Soot

Wall mirror — West Elm
Bookshelf — Bay Home Consignment
Hall tree — SwapShop (Corey's shop, now closed)
Rug — The Southern Loom

Sofa — San Francisco Design Center
Fuzzy bench — Home Consignment Center
Bar cabinet — World Market
White Moroccan Beni Ourian rug — Flea Market Fab
Large green and pink rug — Broomhill Antique Rugs
Beige, pink, and green Moroccan Beni Ourian rug — The Elegant Nomad
Pink, green and orange Moroccan Boujaad rug on bed — La Boheme
Small Moroccan rug on chair — Flea Market Fab
Pink seat cushions — Urban Outfitters
Green palm pillow — Therapy
Black zig-zag pillows — Missoni for Target
All Moroccan cactus silk, rugs, pillows and poufs — Flea Market Fab
Love lumbar pillow — Urban Outfitters
Plants —Home Depot, Broadway Terrace Nursery, Thornhill Nursery
Pink and yellow Kantha quilt — Kismet Designs
Pink glasses — Someone's in the Kitchen, Oakland
Faux fur throw — Pottery Barn
Modern silver clock — EQ3
Gold owl cocktail shaker — Anthropologie
Breaking the Mold painting — Vincent Daddiego
Woven wall hanging — Ball & Claw Vintage
Juju hats — Alameda Point Antiques Faire

Danish modern buffet — Klassik Living
White tulip table — SwapShop
Teak bench — Bay Home Consignment
Concrete pendant light — Beyond Crate Designs
Dining room rug — Flea Market Fab
Beige and grey pouf — Flea Market Fab
Office chair — Therapy
Grey metal shelf — Nathan and Co.
White macrame plant hanger - Flea Market Fab
Pink mercury glass vase — West Elm
Brass and pink marble side table — EBTH

Cabinets and doors — IKEA
Tile — Habitat for Humanity ReStore
Fixtures and faucets — Jack London Kitchen and Bath
Bubble lamp — Berkeley Lighting Company
Concrete pendant lights — Beyond Crate Designs
Gold tiki glasses — World Market
Oven, range, beverage refrigerator & microwave — Airport Home Appliance
Plants and containers — Broadway Terrace Nursery
Shell chandeliers — Coconut Coast Gifts, Kapaa, HI
Rugs — Flea Market Fab
White love throw — Jungle Girl
Spice Rack — Daisy's

White and grey rug — West Elm
Moroccan rug and wedding blanket - Flea Market Fab
Mid-century rocking chair — Urban University Oakland
Large bamboo mirror — Home Consignment Center
Slay neon sign — Urban Indigo
Artwork — In Chorus by Justina Blakeney

Cabinet, vanity and sink — IKEA
Tub — TUBZ
Toilet — TOTO
Plumbing fixtures — Grohe and Hansgrohe
Plants and containers — Broadway Terrace Nursery

Alter and Buddha— Viva Diva
Everything else — Vintage

Bed and white comforter — West Elm
Moroccan pillows — Flea Market Fab
Pink and gold pillow — Therapy
Green comforter — World market
Kantha quilt — Kismet Designs
White Throw — Jungle Girl
Macrame curtains — Urban Outfitters
Macrame pendant — Seed People's Market
Moroccan rug on headboard- Majorel Design — www.majoreldesign.ca
Side Table — EBTH
Small Moroccan floor rug — Flea Market Fab
Gold clock — Nate Berkus for Target
Green embroidered art — Anthropologie
Fan — Hampton Bay

Toilet — TOTO
Floor and shower tile — Walker Zanger
Shower curtain — Target
Lighting — Berkeley Lighting
Plants and containers — Broadway Nursery

Grey chairs, dining table, black chair cushions — IKEA
Bed, rugs, pillows, white side tables — World Market
Potting table — DIY project from reclaimed redwood deck
Pergola — Threshold from Target
Metal planters — World Market
Gold bench — Daisy's

Thanks, Kristin and Corey!

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