How To Assemble a Cedar Hot Tub & Chofu Wood Stove

How To Assemble a Cedar Hot Tub & Chofu Wood Stove

Maxwell Ryan
Jun 4, 2012

Continuing my work on the "earth, air, fire & water" theme in our "back forty" out in our summer place in Springs, NY (see yurt raising here), I just (this weekend) finally finished getting the super cool, new wood stove powered hot tub ready for use.

While the actual assembly is fairly quick (4-5 hours), waiting for the wood to swell and hold all the water takes FOREVER, but it's an amazing process to witness. Here are the pics and the info you need to do it yourself.

No nails, screws or glue are used here! This is the hard part: slowly knocking in the side staves. They have to be tight to one another, but not too tight or they begin to fall back out.

This tub is the second one I've helped to put together and while it's definitely a luxury, it's a wonderfully rustic one that preserves your sense of the elements and the outdoors without mechanical distraction. The tub is from Sea Otter Woodworks up in Alaska and took about three weeks to arrive in a big box. Sea Otter makes many different sizes and shapes of cedar hot tubs, in addition to indoor Japanese ofuro tubs, but I personally like this medium size eliptical shape with the chofu wood stove. You DO have to start your fire early in order to heat up your tub (10 degrees every hour of stove time) and keep tending it, but the payoff is a silent, wood crackling experience as the heated water naturally pulls the colder water into the stove and pushes up and in the hot water back to you. AND you'll have no crazy electric bills, and it will never break. :-)

What You Need:

� One Cedar Hot Tub
� One Chofu Wood Stove
� Hammer (preferably a wood mallet)
� Drill with drill bits and screw bit
� Silicone Sealer
� Channel Lock Pliers
� Adjustable Wrench
� Knife

� Patience