How To: Clean an Oscillating Round Fan

We have almost polished off the month of June and July is knocking at the door. Having spent the month with our oscillating fans on to keep us cool, now is a good time to pause and take a few minutes to give them a quick clean. They have worked hard and could use a little bit of attention. (Plus it will keep your fan and your lungs in better shape!) Here's how...

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How To Clean Your Oscillating Round Fan:

  • Unplug your fan from the wall, taking a second to inspect the cord to make sure your kitty, Mrs. Fluffy Feet hasn't found herself a new chew toy.

  • Using the appropriate screw driver (usually Phillips) unscrew the front grill from the back grill. Likewise, if your fan doesn't use screws, look for grill clips that can be snapped apart to allow the grill to be released.

  • Unscrew the blade cap from the blade and take it off.

  • Slide the fan blade off.

  • Unscrew the back grill nut from the back grill and take it off. (Remembering where you put the nut for reassembly later)

  • Slide the back grill off.

  • Use a mild soap and warm water on each fan part to clean it. Your favorite earth friendly cleaners will work just fine.

  • Set each cleaned part on a hand towel and allow about 10 minutes for each fan part to dry. Even if you hand dry them, it's best to make sure all moisture is gone before reassembling.

  • Follow disassembly instructions given above in reverse to reassemble the fan.

  • Plug your cleaned oscillating round fan in and turn it on. It should be quieter and cleaner than before. If it is not, try the steps above again until totally clean.

  • Use your hand towel from drying the parts and quickly wipe down the stand and base. The extra moisture in the towel will pick up any remaining grime.

  • Make yourself a delicious beverage in celebration of a job well done.

    The small amount of time will increase the life of your fan and help to keep the dust down in your space. It should be done a few times a year, more if you tend to have a dustier space.
    Your fan will run with a reduction in noise and with less resistance, reducing your energy usage. Every little bit helps right?

    Lower Photo by: sea turtle via Flickr.