How To Clean Rust Off Old Loaf Tins

There is no better bread on earth than bread baked at home in an old loaf tin. There. I said it. It's amazing and so many people are getting rid of old metal baking pans because they don't know how to clean them. Well, brace yourself. You can keep your pans and experience that baked at home flavour with this super easy cleaning tip.

What You Need


baking soda
a scourer
and oil to - well - oil.


1. Rinse the pan and shake it dry

2. Dust it lightly with baking soda (it should stick because of the remaining water) making sure you cover the spots that are rusting

3. Leave the dusted pans for about half an hour.

4. Clean the pan gently with a scourer making sure you get rid of all the rust leaving just the exposed metal underneath.

5. Rinse the pan to get rid of all the baking soda and towel dry it.

6. To make sure your pan doesn't rust again coat it with oil.

7. And you're done! Ready to bake your own everything!

Additional Notes:

The pans build up a layer of oil, so don't panic if they aren't spotless. They're not meant to be and they get better with use. Rust, however, is a different matter so clean the pan if it needs it and oil them once or twice a year. Avoid the dishwasher if you want to avoid rust and just clean the pans lightly after use.

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(Images: Sarah Starkey)