How To Eco-Polish Your Copper Pots With Flour & Vinegar

(Welcome to Rowan, who's trying out for a spot on our editorial team. Enjoy!)

A few years ago I helped open a restaurant that boasted a long line of copper pots in the kitchen. For the first few days they were brilliant. However, after a month of use on the large, professional gas stoves, the pans were totally tarnished. One afternoon, the chef de cuisine gathered the cooks and took on the project of polishing the sauciers to their former glory and taught me this excellent, earth friendly technique that will make your copper shine.

What You Need

¼ Cup Fine Sea Salt
¼ Cp All Purpose Flour
White Vinegar
Mixing Bowl
A Soft Rag (I use a sock that lost its match in the wash)


1. Combine the sea salt and flour.

2. Add the white vinegar a little bit a time while stirring until you’ve made a thick paste.

3. Rub the paste onto the pot or pan using a cloth (or sock) until it shines.

4. Rinse, dry, and display!

Thanks, Rowan!

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(Images: Rowan Johnson)