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Sometimes things just smell old. There's no two ways around it. If you're a vintage or thrift shopper, then chances are you've come across this in the past. Baking soda has been known to do the trick for upholstery, but what about items that aren't made from fabric? Check out this simple trick!

Do you have a treasure that smells a little musty? Well Karen from The Art Of Doing Stuff has a great solution. It's simple and easy and might be just what you're in need of!

Karen suggests filling your item with kitty litter and letting it sit for one week untouched. Likewise you could also fill a small plastic tub or tote container with litter and submerge an item if it wasn't able to be filled. The litter sucks up the smell and like magic you're good to go.

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(The Art of Doing Stuff)