Before & After: Hiding the Great Wall of Clothes

Before & After: Hiding the Great Wall of Clothes

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Lack of closet space is an issue we must all confront at some point. Our apartment's previous tenants dealt with the bedroom's tiny closet by installing IKEA Stolmen shelves floor to ceiling across one entire wall and then graciously left them to us when they moved out. We were happy to inherit them and even happier to use them, however, having to stare at all of our clothes all the time was not so nice...

So, back to Ikea we went to find a simple solution to hide our Stolmen wardrobe. Wes had used a tension wire and fabric curtain combo in a previous apartment to hide an exposed closet, but it was much narrower and not as tall. Our 11.5' wardrobe wall also has a window in the middle which we did not want to block out. We decided on the triple-rail Kvartal system with Anno Sanela flat panel curtains (in beige) to allow varied levels of access to our closet without losing any light.

The installation was actually very simple but did require 2 people. Also, the panel curtains are incredibly simple to measure and trim to the desired length with a regular X-acto knife. They were a bit squeaky so we greased the rail using bike grease on a Q-tip and now they slide with ease, without the noise. You'll notice there's a paint line behind the curtains because we painted after installing everything. We simply taped a line using a level and now it looks like we have a white built-in closet in our deep blue room.

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