How To Make a Fruit Fly Trap

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Most of the time, we manage to prevent fruit flies by keeping our counter tops free of tempting produce, but all it takes is one infested fruit to cause an invasion. Whenever this has happened over the years, we have tried using different homemade traps, and this is the one we now swear by.

What You Need

Glass or jar
Sheet of paper
Vinegar or fruit (apple cider vinegar works especially well)


1. Find a suitable glass or jar. Most standard sizes will work; just avoid using one that's too short or wide-mouthed, or you might have trouble positioning the funnel.

2. Roll a sheet of paper into a cone or funnel with a half-inch opening at the bottom.

3. Check that the funnel fits. It should fit snugly with no gaps along the rim of the glass (you don't want the flies escaping!), and there should be an inch or two of space between the bottom of funnel and the bottom of the glass. When done, secure the paper with tape.

4. Remove the funnel and pour a small amount of apple cider vinegar into the glass. Alternatively, you can use a piece of fruit like an apple, orange, or banana.

5. Replace the funnel and wait for flies. They will be attracted to the vinegar or fruit, fly into the cone, and either drown or get trapped.

Additional Notes:
• If you want to go the no-kill route, use fruit, not vinegar, and release the flies outside. Just be careful when moving the glass; one small shift of the funnel, and you may have to start the process all over again! (We speak from experience...)
• To help prevent fruit flies in the first place, keep fruit refrigerated or rinse and dry it as soon as you get home.
• We have also had good luck repelling fruit flies with rue.

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(Images: Emily Ho)