Quick Tip #41: How to Clean & Polish Stainless Steel

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Use olive oil! Before buff and polish, take a few minutes and clean your sinks, fixtures or furniture with whatever dish soap you have laying around. It doesn't really matter if it leaves streaks; all it needs to do is get the spaghetti sauce bits and other debris off.

2. Rinse & Dry: After things are clean allow the surface to dry completely. This is a good time to check your text messages. See? It's not that tricky yet, right?

3. Apply Oil: Apply a small amount of oil to a soft cloth. We keep our olive oil in a squeeze bottle and it helps to apply only the amount we need (no, it doesn't go rancid and yes, it's the best thing ever!). Removing the lid and pressing the towel to the top and doing a quick flip will get the job done.

4. This Is The Way We Buff Our Stuff: Cleaning with olive oil is as easy, but you need to use a bit of elbow grease. What makes it work is the pressure from your arm pushing the oil around in the super small grooves of the metal. It helps distribute the slick stuff and gives everything a nice smooth coating. It will take a little longer than you think, but we're talking a minute or two, not an hour or two. When it doubt... keep buffing! You'll feel the texture change as things smooth out.

5. Flip Your Towel: Since you've really only used one side of the towel for the application of oil, flip the towel and re-buff the surface with the clean side. It will pick up any extra oil so it doesn't dull the surface. Try using a week old dish drying towel that's headed to the laundry for washing anyway!

6. Admire Your Work: It seems silly, but appreciating a job well done makes everything better. It's always nice to know that something works right without additional cleaners or chemicals in your space.