How To Throw a Fun & Fabulous Oscar Party

Academy Awards, February 22nd, 2015

Oscar night is a movie buff's high holiday, and gathering a bunch of people together to toast a bunch of great films, gawk at the celebrities, and — yes, break down the fashion, dress by beautiful (and sometimes awful) dress — is such a great way to mark the yearly occasion. It's a perfect storm of pop culture and the arts, and deserves a full juicy evening to celebrate. Here's how to throw an Academy Awards party that will pay appropriate homage to the culture and creativity of contemporary cinema, and be totally silly fun in the process...

Set The Mood: You can go all sparkly and high-brow, or more relaxed and casual — as long as the atmosphere is fun and festive. Totally up to you of course. Ask people to come in cocktail attire, black tie, or even in costume. It's always surreal to see Birdman discussing the merits of method acting vs. the Meisner technique with the American Sniper.

Invite Your Movie-Loving Friends: Trust me, you'll want to spend this evening with the type of people who religiously go see all the nominated movies. You can invite New England Patriots' fans another evening; this one is for Roger Ebert wanna-bes.

Decorate!: This, for me, is where the fun begins. Long rolls of movie tickets offer so much potential, and practically beg to become party decorations. They'll fill your home with color and movement.

Organize Some Entertainment: Inject a little friendly competition into the evening by having guests predict the night's winners. Create voting ballots and a scoring system. Then, at the end of the night, tally up the scores and give out prizes to the best guessers. Remember: it's an honor just to play.

Create a Comfy Viewing Area: If you don't have the sofa space enough for 20 people, throw some pillows on the floor, set up a low makeshift table, and take the party down low. Get your TV all set up, or project the ceremony on a blank wall. It's all good.

Offer Tasty Snacks and Treats: You are thrown out of the clubhouse if you don't offer popcorn. Also, champagne is never a bad idea. The Kitchn also has a helpful recipe for a "Golden Dream" signature cocktail and helpful menu suggestions for the evening.

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(Image credits: Ashley Poskin)