Picture ledges are inherently versatile because they allow you to quickly and easily swap art in and out on a whim. But they may be a whole lot more versatile than you realized as you'll see by these twenty alternative uses. Take a look and get inspired:

Above, an IKEA BYGEL rail is attached to the underside of a RIBBA ledge to create a place to hang clothes in a bedroom seen on Dos Family.

(Image credit: IKEA)

Similarly, this NYC family, featured on IKEA Share Space, hung HEMNES hangers below a RIBBA ledge to create a more organized entry space in their living room.

(Image credit: Heather Blaha)

Used as a landing strip as in Eva's home on Apartment Therapy.

(Image credit: Hot for Houses)

To house a selection of air plants in moss as Lin of Hot for Houses did.

(Image credit: IKEA Hackers)

As a bike rack hanging solution (in conjunction with rope on a carabiner) as seen on IKEA Hackers.

(Image credit: Yvestown)

To display beautiful plates as Yvonne of Yvestown has done.

(Image credit: Broader Borders)
To hold and organize necklaces in the bedroom as seen on Broader Borders.

(Image credit: Yasam Stil)

As a catch-all in the bathroom as seen on Yasam Stil.

Flipped upside down to create and even wider space for display above a radiator like Pinterest user Lindsay.

(Image credit: Danielle Trovato)
To display children's book as in Ruby's Gem of a Room on Apartment Therapy.

(Image credit: Holly Becker for decor8)
To hold craft supplies as seen in Holly's work studio on decor8.

(Image credit: IKEA Hackers)
In the garage as a tool rack to hold screwdrivers (next to it is a BYGEL rail) as seen on IKEA Hackers.

(Image credit: Tara Belucci)
In the kitchen for easy access to your cookbooks as seen in Tara's apartment on Apartment Therapy.

(Image credit: IKEA )
As shoe storage, an idea from IKEA itself.

(Image credit: Design*Sponge)
In the kitchen as a tea shelf with the addition of mug hooks and jar lids screwed to the underside as seen on Design*Sponge.

(Image credit: Duhbe)

To hold spices in the kitchen as seen on Duhbe.

(Image credit: Hitta Hem)
Paired with MDF to create a headboard with storage as seen on Hitta Hem.

(Image credit: Bethany Nauert)

To hold a large nail polish collection as in Lora & Frank's Fun, Modern Home on Apartment Therapy.

(Image credit: La Vie DIY)

As a makeshift nightstand for a bed that is against the wall as seen on La Vie DIY.

(Image credit: New Home Economics)

Used in conjunction with the DIGNITET curtain rod to display children's artwork as in New Home Economics.

Re-edited from a post originally published 11.5.14-NT