It doesn't look like much in its stock photograph, but IKEA's SNIGLAR crib has been turning up all over the place in our tours lately - everywhere from Sydney, Australia to Pennsylvania, USA. The crib's airy, simple design and raw wood aesthetic work well with eclectic, modern, Scandinavian, and minimalist decor.

Don't believe us? Click through to those nurseries that feature the one-and-only SNIGLAR.

1. Elke's Sweet As Honey Space

2. Ruby's Happily Eclectic Nursery

3. An Earthy and Otherworldly Space For Baby

4. Elsa's Adorable Blue Nursery

5. Westin's Wes Anderson Inspired Nursery

6. Matilda And Baby's Shared Space

7. A Minimalist Meets Multicolored Nursery

8. My Room: Twins on the Way

9. Beatrix & Sis's Matryoshka-Inspired Shared Room

10. Scout's Graphic, Modern Space